Monday, September 19, 2011

Workout Club

Ahh my workout club... This started off very simple - lets jog to the top of Buena Vista and run some steps, glass of wine after. Well... these casual strolls a few times a week were quickly counter acted by that glass of wine and we were not seeing results. Club President Michele, had already been with out personal trainer for a few weeks - so she was burning the extra calories mean time. I however still had not had my awakening.

A few weeks in it dawned on me Michele had added a new member, Leta, and the Buena Vista social club wasn't working out for her. They had joined Crunch and were in full force. After much convincing, I signed up for a two week membership pass - that came with two comped training sessions. I went to one class in that two weeks.

After meeting the trainer, and giving him a very tight deadline for my goal - I had a wedding I was in in three weeks and wanted to "tone up" - he said it was doable, I just need to commit. Le sigh.. here it comes.

We set up a meal plan, we'll meet 2 times a week and I will do cardio on top of that 5 times. With the help of my workout club, I made it to the gym twice a week, on top of my training sessions, and I would run on my own outside it of it at least once (twice on a good week.)  After week 1, I started to feel the results. When I ate well, pure and good foods, I felt better! I actually would WANT to run and get outside and be active.

I did have one weekend where it all went out the window - drinks, pizza, burgers, everything it was a free for all - and I paid for it. I woke up Sunday morning with the hangover from hell (I had limited my self to 2 or 3 5oz glasses of wine a week) and what others would politely call Montezuma's revenge. I was so sick, sick as a dog, I had never felt so horrible. I spent a week cleaning out my system, a detox if you will, and then went and loaded it up with all that crap. How could I have done this?!

When I saw my trainer next - I told him I binged and ate horribly, he knew exactly what followed. I expected punishment but he didn't, he knew that past Sunday was enough for me to never do it again. 

Moral of the story - you are what you eat. and I truly believe that now.

 Eat crap = Feel like CRAP 
 Eat well = Feel UHH-MAZING

 and YES it's that simple. 

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