Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitasking - burning calories on a date!

Getting my boyfriend to workout is like taking a three year old to get a shot. 

In order for him not to deter me from my quest, and in addition to my workout club and my healthy meals, I have Googled my way around the web and found these fun dates into sneaking in burning some extra calories! 

Mini Golf - 225 Cal an hour (I also try and do some extra squats when picking up the balls, yes I am ridiculous)

Batting Cages - pending frequency and effort you can burn around 200 an hour..

Hiking to a picnic between 450 and 550 calories an hour (Each way!)

In between football games on Sunday's grab your man for some catch - 30min burns about 100 calories and at the end of the day sit down, relax, reach over and give him a quick 20min massage - theres an extra 100 burned just before bed!

OK - so lets be clear, I am not saying play four rounds of mini-golf and you will meet your cardio for the day, but - these do make me feel a bit less guilty if i skip that morning weekend run. 

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