Friday, September 23, 2011


Ahh is has been a long week filled with birthdays, work deadlines and musical entertainment with my love.

I did my best to stick to my workout plan and diet this week - but I'll admit the home cooked meal I strive for at least 4 nights a week didn't happen. I did however cook chicken and bison, steam some veggies for some on the go meals.

When I know my life will be crazy I try and prep as many meals as possible without overdosing on certain items, and still maintaining a fresh menu!

I try to have lunches prepped for at least three days at a time, and enough for leftovers if needed :)

Sunday night:
Boil chicken breasts for 20min and bake for 7 at 375 degrees
I try to cook 4 - chop in half and there is 5 lunches and 3 leftover for dinner!

For veggies on the go - I try an get the broccoli in the steam-able bags (cross my fingers they're on sale.) Each bag is 12oz, I pop them in the microwave and voila! The perfect serving of veggies - brainless right?

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  1. Good idea on the chicken I have to try this :)