Thursday, September 15, 2011


So after meeting with my trainer (and advice from my amazing workout club members and fitness experts)- and given the short time for my goal we set a diet a long these lines:

Breakfast: Egg whites, spinach, avocado and an apple
Mid Morning Snack: 15 almonds, 2 slices turkey meat
Lunch: 3oz chicken, 12oz broccoli and 3oz sweet potato
Afternoon Snack: Lara Bar (sometimes a protein bar)
Dinner: 3oz chicken, 12oz broccoli

Total calories: around 1200 - I am under strict directions to never go below.

The goal is to have your diet  40% Protein 30% Carb & 30% Fat.

The Lara bar was the hardest part for me - although all natural and pure - its tons of carbs and sugar. Becuase the rest of my diet was protein I needed that carb to function. I still occasionally switch it up with a protein bar!

This is just a base - I cant live off this alone, it gets boring! (BUT it works.) I do mix it up with cauliflower and brussel sprouts - or swap the chicken for Tuna or Bison.

Diet is a HUGE part - but you will double if not triple your results when combining cardio and strength training. I hate cardio, hate hate hate it. Its suggested to do 45min 5 days a week. I average about 3 days - and sometimes will push it to an hour. I started a workout club with my fitnessy friends - it really helps keep you motivated! I love that I have these girls - we meet after work and have replaced our happy hours with treadmills and smart water. (Most of the time)


  1. What does a Lara bar taste like? Always wondered..I am a picky ass eater so bars really have to taste yummy for my tummy lol
    Keep up the good work!! You will get there...I just started my own blog yesterday for motivation. And I found you great posts so far girl :)

  2. The Lara bars are actually good! They're all natural and my main source of sugars and carbs for the day. I like the Apple pie, blue berry muffins and peanut butter (you cant screw up peanut butter) Costco has a good multi-pack for about $15, they're $1.69 at normal grocers and not much variety, The best deal with the most variety was on the website or at whole foods, $1.29 there!