Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Juice it up!

Wow! Long time no write...Well, I am alive and today... I bought a juicer! I have been wanting one for a long time and a good friend of mine has one, which I've had the pleasure of testing out and so I splurged. Not necessarily splurged but I dropped $40 on a decent one and lets see how much I actually use it before I invest in the fancy pants model. So far I have used it twice. Juice for dinner and a juice for the morning. 

Its crazy how a lot of veggies and fruit go a little way. After the purchase (and work) I was not feeling going to the grocery store and picking out fun organic veggies so I grabbed a bag of spinach, celery, cucumber, carrots and lemon... the entire bag of spinach is gone, half the celery about 1/4 a bag of the baby carrots and half a lemon later I added a little later and was blessed with about 1 and a half mason jars full of juice. ha! 

So, my mission will be to buy the best produce, in bulk, and juice my little heart out. I have not tested it yet but, I have heard of tricks as to get the most of the fruits and veggies you use. I am thinking of spicing up the lasagna and bison recipes and using the waste from the spinach and carrots in the mix. We will see how that goes. 

I have been so bad about cooking and working out, since Christmas we had A's birthday (b-i-g 30), MY birthday! and our anniversary - on top of lots of work and friends and more February babies than I have ever imagined I could know. After making my first glass of amazing juice (a knock off green monster, I will have to come up with my own catchy name) I was inspired and really got the urge to cook again. And since I ate a cup of noodle with an egg tonight for dinner I was not about to whip up a grand meal...so here I am. Ahh feels good. 

Slowly but steady I will get back on track.. stay tuned