Monday, November 28, 2011

Hors Devours sans Guilt - Crab Rangoon

Since I won't be entertaining friends or family this season, I've decided to entertain myself... after some research, recipe reorganizing, I came up with these...

Baked Crab Tofu Rangoon
(To make these sans crab, follow my ricotta recipe, for the filling)
Total: 30-45

1 Egg beat
Won Ton wrappers
Olive Oil spray (my new obsession)
8oz Fat free cream cheese (or regular) 
8oz Firm tofu 
1/2lb Crab meat or imitation crab
1/4c Scallions diced finely
1/2T Minced garlic

Optional - 2T Mayonaise (I would use wasabi) or Sriracha for extra flavor

So - imitation crab meat is actually packed with different vitamins and nutrients and are virtually calorie-less, the tofu fills in for the missing cream cheese (and its also okay to use regular) to top it all off, baking instead of frying shaves 80 calories off each serving. woohoo!

Directions Preheat to 350. Combine cream cheese, tofu, crab, garlic and scallions (I did it in halves in the food processor) - place 1-2T of the filling onto the wonton fold in half like a triangle, or bring the corners together for a flower like shape. Use the egg to seal the edges. Grease cookie sheet (I use olive oil spray) and place rangoon. Lightly mist rangoons with Olive oil and bake 18-20 minutes. 

This actually made a lot more filling than I had expected (and had energy for) - I froze about half and have an idea for what to do with it and the left over wrappers... stay tuned. 

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