Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Helpings

Seasons greetings!

I love entertaining. Cocktails! Appetizers! Dinner parties! I love it all, unfortunately this season I am swamped and my work/travel schedule is clashing with my social calendar. After a hectic 3 weeks at work, I traveled to Chicago for 72hours of fun and football, then to New York to kick off holiday shopping and back to San Francisco only to find out I was being flown down to Los Angeles 4 hours later for work... thankfully my family is in Southern California so it worked out with Thanksgiving plans. So here I am now at home, overwhelmed with what December has to offer, and all I want to do is throw a party! I will be out of town this weekend with his family and then next we are off to Mexico for a relaxing vacation... where do I have time to eat right? work out? let alone sleep?!  I am going to try and cook, bake and blog as much as possible while I am home. 

While I am out, here are a few things I will most certainly keep in mind while indulging in holiday treats...

  • When you know you will be attending a gathering over the weekend, be sure to be extra good with what you are putting in your body during the week

  • If its a potluck, bring a light and healthy dish that everyone will enjoy - check out my posts on Lasagna, Bison Sliders and Bakes Crab Tofu Rangoon (post coming!)

  • Fill up on the fruit and veggie trays before you dive into the sweets

  • Stick to lean meats and fish when there are entree options

  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water, if you're the good stuff too, try alternating a beer or glass of wine with a glass of water

  • Partner up! If you're headed out with your girlfriends (or your plus one) you can support each other when passing up that bacon wrapped cheesy good passes by on the plate. You know I swear by my workout club and they would never let me eat something I was going to regret 

My Tree! 
Most importantly HAVE FUN! If you really want something, have it, don't deprive yourself or focus on the food all night. Moderation is key!

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